Patient Stories

“Hospice Care In Our Home Made All The Difference For Our Family.”

Louise Harrison wanted the best for her husband, Glenn. That’s the reason she chose the hospice team from Palo Alto County Health System to care for Glenn during the last four days of his life.

When Glenn first arrived home from the hospital, the hospice staff had already moved a hospital bed into the
Harrison home. “It was wonderful to have someone there we could rely on and trust,” Louise says. “The staff took
care of everything to make sure that Glenn was comfortable and treated with dignity. They would bathe Glenn, change his linens and make sure his medications were properly scheduled. They would reassure us too. My family
and I were so grateful for their presence.”

For Louise, one act in particular was especially helpful. “The staff gave us a small booklet that talked about and explained the stages of death,” she says. “I found that knowing what to expect was a great comfort.”

Glenn passed away on November 9, 2018 at the age of 83. The couple had been married for almost 62 years. Some of the staff attended a candlelight memorial service with the family at First Methodist Church. “Over the years, I’ve heard people say how pleased they were with the hospice care provided by Palo Alto County Health
System,” Louise says. “Now I can say, I couldn’t agree more.”

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