Patient Stories

“I’ve Come Such A Long, Long Way Thanks To Some Great, Great People.”

In April 2018, Vicki Ellis (center) was visiting her son in Nashville when she fell down nine steps and suffered a severe spinal injury in her neck. “I was in ICU for two weeks and then needed physical therapy in Nashville for six weeks,” Vicki says.

When Vicki finally returned home, she still had a long way to go. “I was in a wheelchair and learning how to use a walker,” Vicki remembers. “And I was unable to drive a car. So I decided to go to Palo Alto County
Hospital for both physical and occupational therapy.”

Melody Degen (left), an athletic trainer, and Cassie Hersom (right), a physical therapist assistant, were part of her care team. “Everybody in the physical therapy department was absolutely wonderful!” Vicki says. “It was a great experience.”

Vicki enjoyed her time at Palo Alto County Hospital so much that she now works out on her own two times a week at the hospital’s physical therapy gym. “My balance and mobility are so much better now,” she says. “I’m stronger and I can walk without any assistance, not even a cane. I feel very fortunate and blessed because of the care I received.”

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