Community Health Services

More than's lifecare in your home.

Providing comprehensive, cost-effective care for all stages of life through out-patient services such as in-home skilled nursing services, home care supportive services, hospice services and public health services. Our state certified public health nurses work with your physician to continue treatment started in the hospital or nursing home and provide you with Medicare certified in-home nursing care.

In July 1994, Public Health, Home Health and Hospice services merged with the hospital and became Community Health Services which expanded hospital and health services to patient homes and businesses. Due to this merger, additional offering of the hospital included immunization clinics, school nursing services, professional nursing services in the patient’s home including hospice, maternal/child care services, and health and educational classes.

Community Health Services are here to provide you with comprehensive personalized care you deserve, in your own home.

Community Health Services

Community Health Services

Home Health Services

Maternal/Child Health Services

Health Promotions

Home Care Aide/ Homemaker Services


Community Health Improvement Plan

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Public Health Information

Public Health services are provided in Palo Alto County under the direction of the Palo Alto County Board of Health and Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors.

  • Agency Administrator

    Sarah Strohman

  • Board of Health Chair

    Julie Nelson

  • Board of Supervisors Chair


Referrals to Community Health Services can be made by anyone who sees a health need.

For more information contact Sarah Strohman, Director of Community Health, Hospice and Public Health via email at, or Palo Alto County Community Health Services at 712-852-5419.

Community Health & Hospice Providers

Family Medicine

Thomas Getta, MD

Agency Director of Public Health, Home Health & Hospice


Sarah Strohman

Director of Community Health, Hospice and Public Health

ENd of life care

Hospice of Palo Alto County

Hospice services are provided for terminally ill patients and their families. A team, consisting of a medical director, nurses, social worker, clergy and volunteers, provide comfort and care for the family and patient. The emphasis is to allow terminally ill patients to live their remaining time in the comfort of their own home with their family, while providing support services to both the patient and family member.

Services of Hospice include:

The Hospice Room

Although 90% of hospice care is delivered in the home setting, which can include care in the nursing home, patients sometimes meet criteria for hospital admission for short-term care. Palo Alto County Hospital has a specially designed Hospice room equipped for the comfort of the Hospice patient and their family. A sofa bed for overnight stay by a support person is available in the room as well as other comforts of home.

The Hospice room may be used for:

  • Acute Care

    Symptom management requiring ongoing assessment and frequent adjustments in the plan of care or for symptoms not responding to interventions attempted in the home care setting.

  • Respite

    To provide relief for the caregiver by providing care for the patient in an inpatient setting. It is for short-term care only, usually five days or less.

  • Final Care

    To provide final care for patients who are unable to remain at home during the last days of life.

  • Special Circumstances

    Other special circumstances are considered on an individual basis.

Payment for Hospice Room

Medicare, Medicaid, and some insurance companies will pay for services provided in the hospital’s hospice room. Deductibles and copayments may apply. Hospice staff will discuss any financial responsibilities you may have before finalizing arrangement with the hospital.


  • Department Hours

    Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
    Saturdays - Hospital Inpatient Treatment
    On Call 24/7

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If you feel you are an immediate threat to yourself or others (violent, threatening violence, suicidal) - call 911 or 988 to speak with someone.