Recovering from a disabling injury or illness can be challenging.

Often rehabilitation services are necessary to help patients return to their highest functioning level, whether they’ve experienced a traumatic illness or injury, an orthopedic or work-related injury, or are coping with a chronic condition.

At Palo Alto County Hospital, our team of physical therapists, occupational therapist, speech therapist, lymphedema therapist, and our pulmonary rehabilitation program and nationally certified cardiac rehabilitation program, get patients back to their work, their home, their family and their life.

At Palo Alto County Hospital, our team gets patients back to their work, their home, their family and their life.

PACHS Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Palo Alto County Health System offers the following weekly rehabilitation programs:

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation can help patients with lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema and asthma. Pulmonary Rehabilitation includes exercise training along with education about lung disease, medication, diet and stress. The biggest emphasis is on breathing retraining. Goals for the rehab program are the decrease shortness of breath, increase strength and endurance, and improve the quality of life.



This program meets on Tuesdays & Thursdays.


Medicare and primary insurance companies cover this program. 

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Phase II is the period of Cardiac Rehabilitation following hospitalization and includes an electrocardiogram-monitored exercise therapy program and cardiovascular health education for the purpose of enhancing the patient’s overall physical conditioning.



Cardiac Rehab meets Monday, Wednesday & Friday.


To be eligible for this insurance covered exercise therapy program, an individual must fulfill one of the following criteria: Acute MI, Heart Surgery, Stent placement, Stable Angina, or CHF with an EF35% or less. 

Rehabilitation Providers

Rehabilitation Therapies

We offer the following inpatient and outpatient therapies as well as therapy in the home through home health services:

Occupational Therapy

An Occupational Therapist works with individuals of all ages who have a congenital or an acquired disability or injury to improve activities of daily living that may include work, self-care and/or leisure activities. Occupational therapists often focus on activities involving the use of the upper extremities along with cognitive functions—including, but not limited to gross and fine motor function, eye-hand coordination, reaction time, problem-solving, memory, safety awareness, and direction following. Our OT staff is also certified to provide lymphedema therapy which uses non-invasive manual lymph drainage techniques and compression therapies to facilitate ridding the body of excessive lymphedema (swelling) in the extremities. Lymphedema therapy is indicated for those individuals who experience swelling of a body part for any of a variety of causes including congenital, removal or damage to lymph nodes, trauma, infection, surgery, radiation, sports injuries, joint replacements and circulatory problems.


Referrals & Appointments

Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy department at Palo Alto County Health System offers evaluation and treatment of a variety of musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiopulmonary conditions. The evaluation includes, but is not limited to, assessment of range of motion, muscle strength, balance, ambulation, skin condition and posture. Treatment may involve manual therapy such as myofascial release, trigger point release, muscle energy techniques and dry needling. It also may include includes stretching, postural repositioning, range of motion, balance, strengthening, and gait exercises and activities along with modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, traction, and iontophoresis. PACHS also offers aquatic therapy (see aquatic therapy section.) Treatments are selected based on referral diagnoses, evaluation findings, client age and comorbidities, and rehab goals.

Medical Conditions/Services (Not all-inclusive)


Most insurance companies require a physician referral for reimbursements, but patients can also see a physical therapist without referral. Contact the Rehabilitation Services department for further information.

Speech Therapy

A speech-language pathologist evaluates and treats people of all ages with a variety of disabilities. In a health care setting, services are provided to people who have experienced a stroke, have difficulty eating, have trouble communicating their thoughts and ideas, have status-post laryngectomy, or have trouble with the motor movements and voice output required as a means of communication. Other services are also available – the list below is not all-inclusive.

Medical Conditions or Services

Lymphedema Clinic

Lymphedema therapy is indicated for those individuals who experience swelling of a body part for any of a variety of causes, including congenital, removal or damage to lymph nodes, trauma, infection, surgery, radiation, sports injuries, joint replacements and circulatory problems.



Monday - Friday

Physician's referral is required

PACHS Rehabilitation Services


Iowa is a direct access state meaning that you can see a Physical Therapist without a referral, but most insurances require a referral for coverage of services.

PACHS is a Critical Access Hospital and therapy (physical, occupational, or speech) services are classified as Hospital-Outpatient. Therefore, a referral is required for insurance to consider coverage of any therapy services being provided at PACHS. Plus, being a hospital outpatient clinic, our services do typically apply towards a patient’s annual deductible until met. Along with that, many insurance policies require pre-authorization of therapy services or specify a ‘visit limit’ per calendar year, so it’s important to know your health insurance plan benefits. Contact the Rehabilitation Services department for further information. 

PACHS Rehabilitation Services

MOG & Aquatic Therapy

Medically Oriented Gym

The MOG is revolutionizing the way people get-and stay-healthy.

Located in the newly renovated Rehab Services Gymnasium. PACHS’s medically oriented gym (MOG) is for both patients and the community. Our MOG differs from everyday fitness gyms because it focuses on teaching individuals to exercise in a very specific manner customized to address an individual’s personal medical health issues and goals. Every aspect of your health history is connected through exercise:’ said Julie Beehler, an ARNP at Palo Alto County Health System. Our exceptionally qualified and professional staff provides the level of support that empowers you to integrate healthy, smart decisions into real life. We provide our members with the support, guidance and care they want, need and deserve.”

We Can Help You Meet Your Fitness Needs & Goals.

Through fitness, wellness and guidance, the PACHS MOG is specifically designed to improve your life and health. Working closely with your healthcare providers, PACHS helps our patients achieve and maintain an exceptional quality of life while preventing injuries in ways that no other provider of wellness and fitness can. Our program also includes having patients meet with our dietician and diabetic educator if they have diabetes.

MOG Develops A Customized Fitness Program That Accommodates Your Individual Goals & Medical Conditions.

medical conditions include:

For more information call 712.852.5555 to set up an appointment with your healthcare provider to discuss MOG options for you.

Aquatic Therapy Services

The thermal and buoyancy properties of water provide relaxation and pain relief while PT or OT staff work on assisting clients with pool exercises and activities that help them work towards rehab goals.

Aquatic therapy can improve or help with: