Patient Stories

“I’m Thankful For The Excellent Care I’ve Received Through PACHS.”

Joe Schany (left) has been living with diabetes for 20 years and today suffers from severe neuropathy in both of his legs. “It had gotten to the point where it was almost impossible for me to walk,” says Joe, a news reporter and sports writer for the two Emmetsburg newspapers. “Even now, I have no feeling up to my knees and my balance is way off, which makes it difficult to go up and down stairs.”

To find help, Joe chose the physical therapy department at Palo Alto County Hospital. Brady Collison (right), a physical therapist assistant, was a member of Joe’s care team. “Brady worked with me on different exercises and techniques to help me learn how to use my hip and core muscles to keep my balance,” Joe says. “The entire staff was very informative and provided excellent care. They taught me everything I need to know to get
my balance back.”

Before his therapy, Joe had been falling or stumbling multiple times every day. “Now I have a stumble only once or twice a week, and I’m feeling so much better about my life. I’m so thankful that I didn’t have to drive to Des Moines or Iowa City to get help. I found the physical therapy expertise I needed at Palo Alto County Hospital.”

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