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About Teresa Wilkinson, LISW



Teresa has had extensive training in using play therapy techniques. She enjoys working with children using these techniques because it gives children the opportunity to express themselves in the language they know best, play. Teresa works with all ages. One of her core values is helping others to find their own voice.

“Due to various reasons, children and adults often ‘hide’ how they really feel, then that leads to problems like anxiety and depression. Encouraging people to speak the truth about what they think and who they really are is so encouraging! Not only do they benefit from the freedom of being who they were meant to be, it also encourages me to see people blossom into the unique individual full of potential that was there all the time!” – Teresa.

Teresa has been a foster mother, adoptive mother, a biological mom, a foster care social worker and a child therapist. She likes to crochet. Many of her friends and her kids’ friends have benefitted from hats and blankets she has made for them. When she was a child, she taught herself how to play ukulele and guitar and she has taught kids and others how to play ukulele. Teresa is also working on becoming a licensed minister and sees herself becoming a volunteer chaplain or spiritual counselor.

“I like encouraging parents of challenging kids, sharing with them some of the things that I have learned about parenting as I struggled to meet the needs of my own special needs kids. Parenting isn’t for sissies! None of us are perfect parents or even had perfect parents, but we can turn our mistakes into real life lessons for our children when we admit our shortcomings and strive to be better. Children need to see us encounter problems and be successful even if we fail at first. It gives them permission to be brave enough to try new things.” – Teresa.

On Staff At

Family Practice Clinic – Emmetsburg
3201 1st Street
Emmetsburg, Iowa 50536


Undergraduate Degree

University of Iowa for Social Work

Graduate School

University of Iowa for Social Work

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